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User 7: Make it for 7 days 6 nights,
Pema: This is perfect, you can travel Paro, Thimphu & Punakha in this duration, Anyways let me raise an invoice asap, ...
ask now - 90 min ago
User 7: Make it for 7 days 6 nights,
Pema: This is perfect, you can travel Paro, Thimphu & Punakha in this duration, Anyways let me raise an invoice asap, ...
ask now - 90 min ago
Pema: Should I call you or mail you the details ?,
Sonam: Also for the booking I need to raise the invoice first, let me rush it to you in 10 minutes
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The Druk Path Trek Experience a Short Trek in Bhutan with no Strings Attached

One of the most breath-taking and popular treks in Bhutan, leading from Paro to Thimphu and vice versa, is the Druk path trek. We know you will get excited about it once we tell you all about it.

The Druk Path trek crosses mountain passes, takes you across lush valleys and introduces you to some of Bhutan's very remote and high altitude lakes normally not to be either seen or experienced during mountain treks. You can even spot the rare blue poppy here besides other species of flora. The duration of the trek ranges between 4-6 days and is a moderately challenging trek. If you have never gone on a mountain trek before especially on a Bhutan trek, and this is your first time on a mountain trek, speak with us and allow us to recommend a few equally scenic treks which we also organize that you should take first prior to attempting flagship trekking in Bhutan by signing up for the Druk Path Bhutan Trek.

More features and information at a glance

The maximum altitude reached during the Druk Path trek is 13,776 feet/4200 m. The terrain covered during the trek is known for its majestic rhododendron woods. During autumn and winter when the weather in Bhutan is crystal clear, you are sure to get some great views of the Himalayan range.

Trip length: 10 Days
Season: March to May & September to November

Day 1: Arrive at paro

Your trek guides from A1 Bhutan Travel Services Travel Bhutan will receive you at the airport wearing Tashi Khadar (a welcome white scarf). Once you complete your arrival formalities, our welcome team will drive you to your very comfortable hotel.

Day 2: Paro sightseeing

After a sumptuous breakfast which will feature both traditional and continental cuisine, you are off to visit the Watch Tower of Paro Dzong, which is now the National Museum. The museum preserves rare Bhutanese artifacts, remnants of rich Bhutan culture and history. Travel back into time and see for yourself how this culture-rich secluded kingdom has preserved its heritage with immaculate success. After your visit to the National Museum, you will next visit Rinpung Dzong (or Paro Dzong), which, when literally translated, means "fortress of the heap of jewels." This is where the administrative as well as the religious headquarters for the Paro district are located. By way of a little Hollywood trivia, a short scene of Bernardo Bertolucci's famous movie, "Little Buddha" was shot inside this Dzong. From here, you can take a leisurely walk to the Pachu river and cross over a traditional cantilever (wooden covered) bridge to the other side. Post lunch, we will take a short drive to Drukgyal Dzong, a dilapidated fortress located approximately 16 km from Paro. Although this monument happens to be in a state of ruins, this Dzong is a significant historical landmark for the people of Bhutan. It was at this fort that the Bhutanese decimated the invading Tibetans and drove them back to their country.

From here, you will get an opportunity to admire the majestic peak of Jumolhari, the 'Mountain of the Goddess' on a sunny day. The peak is located at an altitude of 7,329 m / 24,029 feet

On your way back, don't miss the 'Kichu Lhakhang', the oldest and the most sacred shrine of Bhutan. It was built in the 8th century AD by the Tibetan monarch Songtsen Gampo. In the evening, take a leisurely stroll around Paro town and take in the perfect ambience.

Day 3: Ta dzong- jele dzong your trek starts from here

Distance: 10 km, 3-4 hours
Altitude: 3450 m

We will start early so that you can escape the heat and reduce the up hill challenge by not having to do it when it is warm and sunny. The area has a relatively less density of trees. The trail commences above the Ta Dzong (Museum). Since it is a 3-4 hour trek, it starts on an up-hill route and passes through temperate forests and vast farmhouses. By lunch time, the trail enters the thick coniferous belts. Here, watch out for wild animals & birds. As evening sets in, you will reach the Jelela Pass that is 2600 m from here. Just a hundred meters downhill is the campsite with large meadows - an area, where yak herder's camp regularly with their assorted flock of yaks.

Day 4: Trek starts from jele dzong- jangchuk lakha

Distance: 10 km, 4-5 hours
Altitude: 3780 m

On the fourth day, you will head to the Jangchuk Lhakha camp. It is a 4-5 hours trek and the campsite is located at an altitude of 3780 meters. You gain about 300 meters in elevation. The trail starts 200 meters on the hill toward Jeli Dzong which was the rest house of Bhutan's 2nd king and is now a monastic institute. It passes through up and down paths and offers lovely views of the Paro valley on your left as you walk along the ridges. Here you'll encounter dense temperate forests and lush alpine meadows.

Day 5: Trek starts from jangchuk lakha - Jimi langtsho

Distance: 11 km, 5-6 hours
Altitude: 3880 m

The fifth day of the trek takes you to Jimi Langtso Lake, which is located at a height of 3880 meters. This is the highest camp site on your trip. The trek will last approximately 6-7 hours and starts with about 500 meters uphill through coniferous forests and gleaming hillsides dotted with rhododendron flowers. You will also see other exotic species of flora and fauna that is exclusive to this part of the world. After all, trekking in Bhutan has its own rewards. This trail offers you some of the most scenic views. Along side the trail, don't miss the wild onions growing on the trail. After the first pass, it's mostly up and down through rugged landscape with amazing natural views. You have to exercise caution if you are traveling on a pony. Just before you cross the last pass, you have to cross a ridge. On clear days, you can see Mt. Kanchenjunga and Bhutan's Chomolhari, Jichu Drakey & Tsrim gang to your northwest. After crossing the last pass, you will see the lake on your left. You will Move down-hill now to reach the campsite. Trekking in Bhutan may require some fortitude but the proximity to nature you will experience every moment makes it worth the effort for thousands of Bhutan travel enthusiasts like you each year.

Day 6: Trek starts from jimi langtsho- phajoding

Distance: 20 km, 5-6 hours
Altitude: 3870 m

We will commence the trek early to be able to reach Phajoding in a timely fashion. You'll go uphill on this trek. The trek is about 6-7 hours duration and the campsite at Phajoding is at an altitude of 3870 meters. You will encounter countless passes on the trail of which some are as high as 4000 meters above sea level. You will also come across the famous yak herder's camp full of yaks grazing all around the nearby lake. You may also catch the carven of Blue Sheep. You will next arrive at Lake Janetso and Lake Semkotatsol famous for year round trout fishing. Take in not one but many spectacular views of the mountains during your Bhutan trek and expedition. Once you reach the Phajoding Pass, you can look onto the Thimphu capital valley in its entirety during your downward journey.

Day 7: Trek starts from phajoding-thimphu

Distance: 5 km, approximately 3 hours
Altitude: 2350 m

On the last day of your most memorable and unforgettable trek in Bhutan, we will depart early in the morning so that we reach Thimphu in good time. You also have the option of departing late after visiting the old temples and other monuments in the area. The sunrise view overlooking the Thimphu valley in Phajoding is spectacular. You can watch the pheasants fluttering if you take a short stroll around the hillside.

Be sure to carry a walking stick with you which we will provide upon request at Phajoding to shoo away our feathered friends! The walk down-hill passes through mixed temperate forests and takes about two hours to complete.

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Day 8: Thimphu sight-seeing

You will be driven to Bhutan's capital Thimphu to see the National Memorial Chorten. It was inaugurated in 1974 to pay tribute to the late King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, also known as the Father of Modern Bhutan. Built in an unostentatious Tibetan style, it has countless religious paintings and tantric statues manifesting both peaceful and wrathful aspects of Buddhist deities. This is also a center of worship for Thimphu inhabitants.

Visit to Dupthop Lhakhang

Your next stop will take you to one of the few remaining nunneries in Bhutan. The Changkha Monastery which was built in 15th century AD by lama Phajo Drugom Zhipo, plays a highly revered role in the life of Bhutanese people. This is where Bhutanese families take their new born babies to receive holy blessings from the chief High Lama-the chief priest of the Buddhist order.

Take a drive to the capital's Mini Zoo where you will be greeted by Takin, the national animal of Bhutan. This unique animal is found only on the Himalayan slopes. the head of Takin looks like that of a goat and the body is that of a cow/yak.

Before the sun sets, you will drive down to Sangay gang view point located at an altitude of 2685 meters. Enjoy an awe-inspiring view of the whole Thimphu valley from this vantage point. Thimphu is indeed an integral part of traveling in Bhutan. In addition to its status as the kingdom's capital, the city has plenty to offer of its own accord. This is precisely why no itinerary which involves trekking in Bhutan is ever complete without a day's stop in Thimphu.

Day 9:

Continue sight seeing in Thimphu and after lunch drive to paro

Day 10: Departure

It is finally time to bid adieu to your A1 Bhutan Travel Services Travel Bhutan Tour Guide and prepare for your transfer to the airport.

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